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Is Equity Crowd Funding Right For Your Company? | The Mark Haney Show #139



On episode 139 I sit down with the rock star CEO of Lifograph and my next door neighbor, Dea Wilson. Dea is raising money for her new venture and she is using a method that is fairly new, equity crowd funding. This method democratizes investing into startup companies by allowing anyone to be investors. I dive deeper into equity crowd funding to find out how it works, what companies it works for, and what the benefits are.
If you are interested in becoming an investor in Lifograph then go to
Lifograph is the wikki of people. You are able to explore the links between people and organizations with a few clicks of the mouse. If you want to learn more about Lifograph, how to make money being a lifographer, or need to get connected to someone outside your network, check out their website.
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Mark Haney is a serial entrepreneur that has experience growing companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He is currently the CDO and founder of HaneyBiz, a business services platform that helps entrepreneurs be entrepreneurs. HaneyBiz offers outsourced accounting, digital marketing, HR, and investment opportunities.