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As a Basic member, you must become qualified.

This means you must refer 3 people and those 3 people will pass up to your sponsor. Every referral after you are qualified will stay with you. Here is the powerful part of Lead Skimmer... You will receive 3 pass up referrals from all of your Basic members as well and so on. Let's keep in mind Lead Skimmer is free! *************************************** Can You Upgrade? Yes, you can upgrade to Premium member. I suggest the one time $44.95 upgrade. Once you are a Premium member you will earn $25 commission from your referrals that upgrade to Premium membership. If you don't upgrade, and one of your referrals do upgrade, the $25 commission will upgrade to your sponsor. *************************************** Other benefits of being upgraded include... You will be able to have an Entry Ad. This is an offer your referrals see each and every time they log in to their accounts. Very powerful indeed. Also, you will be able to track your links. Look, even as a basic member you can really make Lead Skimmer work for you and explode your list. Join Leadskimmer. Lead Skimmer Review Lead Skimmer Lead Skimmer Scam Lead Skimmer Fraud how to build a list build a list building a list building list build your list how to build your list how to build a list fast list building tips